We live in a connected world .
People need to find us and be able to connect quickly and easily.  
If they can’t they move on. 

Having a website is the first place to start. Think of your site  as your hub, the place for new and existing customers to come to and to come back to, your own online business community .

If you have a website but feel it's a bit redundant , you know it should be doing more for you but you don't know where to start, then we are here for you. 

We provide a free Tune up appraisal for existing websites. We will test your site, see how it is performing and offer up to 5 changes  you could consider. There are no catches or pressure, just our business purpose to support our business community. 

Here are some areas we will review on your site tune up report.

  • Website Design , desktop and mobile optimisation 
  • Social media links and URL ( www.) 
  • Photography / image standard
  • SEO ( search engine optimisation) and your site performance
  • Google Analytics ( key information on how your site is performing )

Get in touch for our Free website tune up Report .

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