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Here at JM we are a creative bunch ( and no we aren't Auckland based !) Jaffa is a nickname I have been stuck with all my life, so we thought hey, let's use it and have some creative fun.

From website design to video and photography , we roll with new ideas journeying with business owners looking for exciting ways to share their awesomeness with the world.

Business is changing and working with a team that gets that is important, so here we are,  we think outside the box , no straight lines. 

We have 20 years in business under our belts and we are proud of our accomplishments. In our creative field we have endured and seen many changes and have had to change to compete in a fast moving connected world. 

One thing for sure,  we know that what we do in our work life matters in our community and our world.  Sustainability , compassion and people is what makes the world go round, we live it and work it.  All our ideas have to go through those filters . It matters to us. 

We are looking out for you .

Our collaborative approach means we work as a team partnering alongside other businesses. This sees us support our customers with exactly what they need when they need it. Find out more about our services here

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Shayne and Cath 

My work journey started way back when photography was all about film and we listened to music on a tape deck, ( and yep I'm a real retro lover)  I guess even back then I was always looking for the best way to tell people’s stories and ways to listen to them .People matter to me and the community I work and live in. I’m at my happiest meeting new people ,capturing their stories and sharing what is important to them.

I know how hard it can be for a small player in the business world and how hard it can be to compete  and to be heard. How do I know because I have been there, starting something up from an idea and developing it can be so rewarding and scary at the same time. I think my empathy for others helps me to be a great listener and my creative side helps to capture that in the way I work. 

I look forward to meeting and journeying with you in your business soon.


I think you are either a people person or not and I’m definitely a people person. I guess growing up as the baby in a family of six I always had someone to talk too or hang with! This progressed to the telephone , texting and now of course social media. After all community is community and social media is the biggest social space ever - right? My work journey has always seen me gathering up groups of humans and making sure they all feel heard , valued and connected and this is the same skill I bring to Jaffa media for businesses. 

I guess I am a natural born story teller that likes to help others share their stories. You will always find me using my skills to help others in our community. I feel passionate that all people need to have the right to be heard no matter what. 

So my lovely new friend I look forward to helping you get your story out there. To be your voice and help to grow your business community that will be known as your customers. Let’s talk



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