Hello !

We felt Jaffa Media ( JM for short !) was a good name to sum up who we are. 

We think out of the box , no straight lines, we roll with new ideas .

Business is changing and working with a team that gets that, can grab your ideas , enjoy the challenges with you  and cares about you and your business , well, here we are.

We have 30 years in business under our belts and we are proud of our accomplishments. In our creative field we have endured and seen many changes, and have had to change to compete in an every changing world.  From all this we know that what we do in our work life matters in our community and our world.  Sustainability , compassion and people is what makes the world go round, we live it and work it.  All our ideas have to go through those filters . It matters to us. 

We are looking out for you .

We have a load of knowledge that we use to support small businesses and not for profits in our community. Supporting our community is important to us ,we know we can only be successful if we all do well together.  So we bring our knowledge  of managing our own business, in the creative industry to be able to share with you and the businesses we journey with. 

Our collaborative approach means we work as a team partnering alongside other small businesses. This sees us support our customers with exactly what they need when they need it. 

Let's get things rolling.....we're keen to get to know you. Get in touch.



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