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Hello from Shayne, Cath and the JM team.
Here at JM we are a creative bunch from website design to video and photography.
We roll with new ideas journeying with business owners looking for exciting ways to share their awesomeness and be their champions . 
Business is changing and working with a team that gets that is important, so here we are.

We have 20 years in business under our belts , Shayne as the pro photographer and Cath as the ideas person behind much of our work.
We are proud of our accomplishments. In our creative field we have endured and seen many changes and have had to change to compete in a fast moving connected world. 
One thing for sure,  we know that what we do in our work life matters in our community and our world.  Sustainability , compassion and people is what makes the world go round, we live it and work it.  All our ideas have to go through those filters .
It matters to us. 

PS We aren't Auckland based by the way, we are right here in sunny Hawke's Bay. Jaffa is a nickname Shayne has been stuck with all his life, so we thought hey, let's use it and have some creative fun.


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