What can a QR code do for my business?

They are everywhere !

QR codes are everywhere — you may have see them on packaging, receipts and flyers , especially of late with the COVID contact tracing for stores.

They're a great way for businesses to generate more engagement with their audience .Customers can quickly scan a QR code ( easily from their mobile device) and get immediate access to additional content and experiences.  Where you use a QR code is up to you , check out the possibilities here

The QR code can take the 'user' to a specific page on your website ,an offer or a web link, making it a lot easier than having to find your website and then navigate to the page. 

A QR code can be placed anywhere, eg a cafe could run a promotion using a QR code on a sticker placed on a coffee cup lid.  Add your QR to your shop window or vehicle, and watch it work for you.

Here is 5 reasons why a QR code could work in your business, enhancing your clients experience !

1. There is no cost to manage ,no software to purchase, easy to use.

2. Trackable, you can monitor how your QR code is doing, and who is using it , based on results from QR scans. 

3. Exciting,  brings another element to your clients experience of your business

4. Grows your community , use your QR code to grow your facebook or insta page

5. Offline to online,  If you have printed flyers or brochures or running an advert in the paper or a mail drop include your QR code to get people to your message fast.

We can help with your QR code creation and marketing campaign , get in touch


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