5 Reasons to consider not DIY'ing your new website

I've been there. 

Having attempted DIY online website builds in the past , I know how frustrating it was. Trying to do all these things like domain names, SEO optimisation set up emails, before I even start to design it, it was tough going. 

Heck, I know my limitations with a hammer and nail , why would I want to do a hash job with my business, don't my customers ( and my family !) deserve better ?

That was a few years ago .Since then I have made it  "my thing" I have helped a number of small business and not for profits with their digital media including their website design. 

I get a lot of enquiries from clients that have attempted to build their own business website from a DIY online company.  Many Website builders like Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace claim designing a website is ‘easy’. 

From experience (unless you want to bunker down for the weekend and into the following week ) it's not. 

But I'll save money by building it myself.

Simply put, a DIY website will not compete with your competitors and will likely not be found online  If you consider the cost of missed opportunities, having an unprofessional website will cost your business long term. My advice spend the time talking through and planning what your want on your website and how this can also move across all your digital media platforms, then get someone like us to do the tough stuff !

Here's a few other reasons, where we can help.

Get the Look

Having another set of eyes on your business , and looking at it from your customers point of view is a good thing. It needs to look right and keep your visitors engaged . Your website is you business hub. It is more than a page of contact details, designed well it will take your business forward and keep your customers coming back as well as bringing new business your way.

Search Engine Stuff

Yep, this can just sound blah blah blah . But it is the driving force of your well designed website.  Google loves websites that are well coded and structured clearly. It’s how it makes sense of the information on your site. Even if your website is the best looking site in the world if the coding behind it is poor, then it may as well not exist in Google eyes. You need to be ranking in search keywords to be seen on Google and have an understanding around how this works. Otherwise your site is just lifeless. 


This is a biggie. 

If your website is built through Wix, Squarespace etc they  own the rights to YOUR website. If one of these companies go under, or offline , so does your site along with your hard work, investment and customers. 

Forgetting renewals will also see your site off line pretty quickly, sending you and your customers into a panic ( who paid the bill, did you not see the renewal !) With Jaffa Media, you own the site, and we will even give you the training, step by step, so you can manage it yourself , or we can take care of it for you ( even taking care of your renewals!) 

How much is your time worth?

They always say the best builder has the home that's unfinished ( or something like that ) That's because they are focussed on their business, the other stuff like walls and stuff in their own home will happen. 

Why wouldn't you concentrate on what you do best in your business and let us take care of your digital media needs. 

We are looking out for you .

We have a load of knowledge that we use to support small businesses and not for profits in our community. 
Our collaborative approach means we work as a team partnering alongside other small businesses. This sees us support our customers with what they need when they need it. 

Let's get things rolling....we're keen to get to know you.


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