‘No one knows your business better than you’

True, but few business owners have time to manage their digital content successfully. Often it's a hit and miss approach or last minute effort to create a promotion, that may or may not work. 

As a country we are spending an average of 3 hours online each day, we are no longer referring to the Yellow Pages.

Business is no longer just within the reach of our city streets, digitally connected businesses are serving the whole country. 

Without a digital online presence you are missing out on business but sadly you may also be pushing your customers toward opposition businesses anywhere in the country or world.  Equally a website that doesn't deliver a viewers experience will stop customers from coming back. ( Read our blog on this)

We know the value of digital media and also how it drives the success of any business.  


 Talking with our clients it's all about simplicity, clean and uncluttered design, and easy for customers to enjoy - it's about their online experience first.  A well designed website will see your customers engage with your business and want to stay connected with you. 


We use NZ company Rocketspark for building and hosting of our websites. What we like most about Rocketspark is they have created a range of templates and designs suitable for your business , allowing us to do the creative side for you which will save you time and money.  We give you the training to manage your own site so you are always in control , and we are always here to lend a hand. Did we mention they are a NZ country, so support and help is right here not the other side of the world !


Once we have designed your site for you the option is there for you to manage it yourself going forward, we can provide online training for you. 

We can keep writing more about the benefits of having a website designed for you but let's get on with it.  

We look out for you

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We also follow the latest news and trends for digital marketing , if it's relevant to your business, we will be sure you let you know, and we  love supporting Not for Profits and Charities we have an amazing package for you with reduced annual hosting.

Let's talk and we can share some ideas together. 


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